Get to Know Me


Hi, there, and welcome to A Trip Takes Me!  For the sake of slight anonymity, on this blog I’ve decided to name myself Daisy, in honor of a roleplay character I created. (Gotta love roleplay shoutouts.)

I’m a young American eager to travel the world but in only a reasonable rush to do so. I majored in Asian Studies and planned to teach Japanese at the university level. However, after teaching English in Japan for two years, I decided to earn my TESOL/TEFL certificate and continue teaching English in other places. While living abroad, I plan to travel within the country as well as to countries nearby. You can check out my “To Visit” list to see my travel wish list and “Daisy’s Plans” for updates about my more immediate travel schedules.

A Trip Takes Me focuses on my life abroad, my other travels, and my experiences teaching English in the various countries I move to. I’m always interested in hearing your expat stories, whether or not they involve teaching English, and I’m happy to take any questions you might have about any of these topics. You can also recommend places I visit.

If you’d rather not leave a comment about any of these topics, is where you can reach me. Either way, I’ll get back to you as soon and as best as I can.