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Just popping in with a quick note. I recently signed up for a Journi account. From my phone, I can add images, notes, dates, times, and locations to my trips. They’ll sync to the Journi website, too, though they can currently only be edited from my phone.

As accurately as possible, I’ve logged all the major trips I’ve taken so far. All my previous trips are public, so anyone can see them from my Journi profile, linked in the sidebar. I will continue to add new trips to this app. However, for my privacy, I won’t make the trips public until after I’ve taken them. In rare cases (i.e., I can’t think of a reason right now why I’d do this), some trips may not be made public at all.

If you have a Journi profile, feel free to follow me there! And even if you don’t, go ahead and take a look around.


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