Reykjavik Planning

Amazing what waking up an hour and a half after your preferred time can do to your day. It can make it entirely unproductive, as it sets you back almost two hours. Or, as it did for me today, it can force you into amazing productivity.

On Sunday, I wrote down a tentative list of what I could do during each of my 3 days in Reykjavik next month, and on Monday, I researched the Reykjavik city pass plus some other prices. I thought today I would do a bit more researching. I didn’t expect to almost entirely complete my plans for the short trip, let alone do so by lunchtime! But I channeled my frustration at waking up late into my research, and voila! Time for a quick pat on the back.

*pat pat*

Because I like playing around in Microsoft Office (though I am by no means proficient), I found a template in Excel for Vacation Item planning. I completely reworked the categories and title and turned it into today’s featured image.

I plan to do four to seven posts about my trip to Reykjavik—possibly during my trip but more than likely after I get settled in Hungary.  So as not to spoil my entire trip for you, here’s a sneak peek of some of the activities and sights I plan on enjoying.

Day 1

Breakfast at Kaffitár
National Museum
Tjörnin pond

Day 2

Viðey Island
Hallgrímskirkja church

Day 3

Árbæjarsafn (Open air museum)
Shop for a coffee mug, maybe at the Handknitting Association of Iceland shop

I left some wiggle room each day in case an activity takes more or less time than I planned, or in case I get lost and confused. Most of my meal options are as yet undecided. I really want to eat authentic laufabrauð! Where can I find some? Everything is turning out to be quite expensive in Reykjavik, so I hope my budget can manage it. I still have to save for my orientation in Budapest and my first month in my new town! The Reykjavik city pass should help.  If anyone has any other suggestions for keeping Reykjavik on the cheaper side, let me know!


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