aside Seeking Suggestions: Iceland

If you read some of my last posts, you’ll know I’m doing a stopover in Iceland before I make my way to Hungary. Including the day I arrive, I’ll have three days to spend there, and I fly out on the morning of the fourth day.

What I need are suggestions for what I could or should do during those three days.

  1. I’m on a tight budget, so cheaper options are better.
  2. I do not plan to rent a car, so if I can’t get there via public transportation or a tour group, I’m afraid I can’t go this time around.
  3. Day trips are fine as long as I can get there and back before nightfall.

As I’m staying in Reykjavik, my current plan is to tour the city and surrounding areas, and I might do the Golden Circle tour. Otherwise, I have no further plans at the moment. I’ll continue researching, but I’d love to hear what you all have seen, done, and eaten, or what you want to see, do, and eat in Reykjavik and nearby locations. Suggestions will be added to my “To See”, “To Do”, and “To Eat” lists.

All my thanks in advance!


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