Friends in Fukuoka

When, in fall of 2014, my friend from college popped back home to see her family in Fukuoka City, I popped on over to see her.

(Speaking of my friend, except for some of Temple A and possibly C, image credits to her and her mom, since I was too busy taking in the sights to take many pictures of them.)

I stayed with her and her family for three days and two nights. It was only a short weekend trip, if I recall, though I may have taken a day off of work for it if there wasn’t already a holiday. I can’t remember now. You hear that a lot from me, I know, but I promise I’ll try and do better when I actually travel somewhere else again.

Because my friend had plans to meet up with old classmates of hers, her mother showed me around one day, and she and my friend took me around the rest of the time. Some of the places we went were:

  • Fukuoka Tower. They have a level where lovers can lock heart-shaped locks onto railings, and on another level, there are signs pointing to various cities around the world.

  • The beach near her house, which apparently has a spot that’s popular for weddings.
  • Temples of various kinds, including during shichi-go-san (7-5-3), a festival for children of those respective ages. All the kids in their traditional outfits were adorable! At one temple, I got a charm for luck, though I’d have to look at it again to see what its specific purpose was. Health, maybe?

  • Hakata Machiya Folk Museum (Address, Overview)
  • Korokanatotenjikan, a museum with a small model of, I believe, an old palace structure. I could be wrong, but it’s interesting either way.

I’m certain there were other places, but we did so much in only a couple of days that, honestly, I’m surprised I survived. (I tend to be much more of a leisurely traveler and prefer to savor the places at the top of my wish list and return for the others during another trip.)

I’m grateful to my friend and her family for allowing me to stay at their home and for showing me all around town. I only wish I could have taken a couple more days to explore the city. Perhaps another time.


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