“Enthusiastically Accepted”!

I have an exciting update!

As you know, I decided not to move to South Korea to teach but instead to switch my focus to Hungary. Ever since then, my plans have moved smoothly and swiftly. Within days of asking for information about the Central European Teaching Program (CETP, which actually is just focused on Hungary nowadays, so don’t let the title fool you), I was figuring out places I might like to live in, working out how much I needed to save, and getting application requirements taken care of.

My decision was difficult, in part because I’m only working part-time at the moment, so finances are definitely a concern. That aside, however, I had two options I was really considering.

  1. Live in a small town. Teach twice a week at a bilingual high school in a nearby city. Teach one day a week at an elementary school in my small town and in an elementary school in two other nearby towns—so, a total of four schools. For various reasons, this was the cheaper option in terms of upfront costs.
  2. Live in a small town. Teach only at the bilingual high school there.

Other factors I had to consider were: distance from places I wanted to visit; ease of commute to those places; and the pros and cons of staying at one school versus many.

My only prior teaching experience before this has been in Japan. I taught at six schools and had some night classes as well, all of which you can read about in previous posts. I knew I could handle multiple schools. In fact, I enjoyed the diversity that option provided. However, I also wanted to experience what it would be like to teach at only one school and really get to know those kids and that community.

It took me about a month to finally decide, and I ended up choosing Option 2, the single school with a more expensive upfront cost. I made this decision only yesterday, though I mentioned the previous day that it would likely be my choice. The coordinator in Hungary submitted my resume to that school, and then I waited to hear back.

This morning, I received an email saying that I and the director of that school both “feel a mutual draw to your teaching there” as I had just been “enthusiastically accepted”!  After immediately replying to that email, I called my parents to tell them the good news. Now you all get to hear about it as well.

Other than gathering the final items for my application documents, the only thing left for me to do is take on all the extra hours at work that I can and spend as little as possible before I move in August. Although it’s a painstakingly slow process for me, I’m continuing to learn Hungarian, so hopefully I’ll know some basics by the time I get over there. Wish me luck! I’ll keep you updated as the Big Day draws near.


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