Change of Plans

If you’ve read my main blog, where I posted about my travels before creating ATTM, you’ve seen that I intended to teach English in South Korea next. Until recently, I was taking Korean lessons online once a week, both out of my own interest and to prepare for the move. I looked into provinces I wanted to live in, like Jeollanam-do, and had tentatively begun my research into where to apply for jobs, though I knew I wasn’t going to be going this year. (My dismal funds deterred my plans.)

I wanted to go to Korea for a few reasons.

•  I had been for two weeks after I concluded my job in Japan, and I enjoyed it.

•  Of the countries I want to live in for a while, it’s got a culture and language that I can more easily adapt to, having my Japanese experiences under my belt.

•  Apparently, Asian countries are good ones for saving your money in, which I found to be true of my two years in Japan, and I wanted to have a good financial base before setting out into India or Europe, where I’ve heard it’s harder to do more than make ends meet.

•  I roleplayed a bunch of characters in a Seoul setting, and that sparked my interest in South Korea.

Now, however, my interest in South Korea wanes. I would like to revisit it, of course, and may decide to teach there in future. For now, though, my interest has drastically shifted to…
Drum roll, please!
Alright. Ready for another list? Because I am! Here’s some of the reasons why I’m making this change.

•  I want to learn Hungarian, taste Hungarian food, and see all of the amazing sites I keep reading about.

•  I’ve never been to Europe, and I have dozens upon dozens of places I want to visit, some with Hungary as my base. Since I’ve already been to Korea, I can put it on hold until another time, but I want to get over to Hungary (and other countries) while I have the chance.

•  And, yes, I roleplay a character from Hungary, so I want it to be as authentic as possible.

So, here begins the planning stage for my Hungary move. Anyone with any experiences of visiting or living in Hungary, or of teaching English in Hungary, please, please, please let me know what it was or is currently like! If you have recommendations for places to live, not live, or visit, send those my way, too. I’ll take pretty much anything and everything at this point. You can leave a comment, or, if you have a longer anecdote to share or would not like certain information made public, you can find my email under the “Daisy” tab at the top of the page.

 All my thanks in advance, and stay tuned for more past travel stories!


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