Welcome to ATTM!


Glad you found this blog! It’s been something I’ve wanted to start for months now, if not longer. On A Trip Takes Me, I’ll share my travels experiences as well as my experiences teaching English abroad. It’s as simple as that!

Although it’s pretty self-explanatory, I thought I’d give a quick rundown of how to navigate the blog and what you’ll find in each section.

Daisy: A short bio, blog purpose, and contact information; my collections; my plans; and my assorted thoughts.

Unscratched Map: Places I want to visit

Travel Quotes:  Just what it says – quotes about traveling

Travel Lists: Drop-down menus for lists of things I’ve done, places I’ve seen, foods I’ve eaten, item’s I’ve brought along, or wishlists for all of the above. If you’re looking for suggestions in any of these areas, be sure to check out these lists.

Continents: Drop-down menus for places I have been. Clicking on each will pull up posts that fall into that category. For countries I have lived in, you have the option of travel posts or life-abroad posts—ex: “Travel in Japan; Life in Japan”. (My experiences teaching abroad are saved for the English Abroad drop-down menus.)

English Abroad: Drop-down menus for my experiences teaching English abroad. I’ll talk about schools, students, teachers, and lessons. (My travels within each country are saved for the Continents drop-down menus.)

I’m continually updating these lists and menus, so check back periodically. I also have a Flickr account to which I’m frequently adding pictures, and you can find the link to that in the sidebar. Also in the sidebar is a link to my Journi app, which you can read more about here.

My first posts will pertain to teaching English abroad and my past travels. Once I get caught up there, I’ll talk about my future plans and any current travels. I’m open to doing Q&A posts as well, so if you have a topic you’d like me to talk about, contact me. If I like the topic but it’s not quite suited to this blog, I may answer it on my personal blog.


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